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Raildiary makes market leading software for the Rail Construction industry. Some of my contributions to the platform include:

  • Major refactor of all UI components in a large React Native app
  • Large scale data import feature used to import thousands of construction records into a bespoke system every week
  • Major refactor of the UI component library to meet accessibility standards in a large React web-app
/static/images/Know My Values

Know my values is a simple mindset exercise to facilitate insight into your personal core values. It uses a manual bubble-sort algorithm letting people prioritise two chosen values at a time to then calculate the ranked overall values. Useful for mindset exercises.

/static/images/Project Ants

Project Ants is a multiplayer action browser game. This is a long-running personal project of mine.

  • Custom collision engine
  • Large customisability of objects and weapons
  • Multiplayer capable with a node server architecture
  • Image based maps that can be customised
  • Procedurally generated random maps
  • Map based gravity

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